Sobre - Frutã

Who are we?

We are a brazillian company based on Jaguaribe, Ceará. We are present on pasteruized pulps fruit market since 2007 and our products are known for its flavours, variety and high quality.

Our Diferential

Our focus is quality and attend the requirements of our clients and that is the reason that motivates us to maintain a constant search for innovations and technologies that provide an extraction of the full potential of our fruits thus guaranteeing the best flavor with all the health benefits provided by the natural proteins of each fruit, always with the commitment to take all this quality with the least possible cost to the final customer.


Seek the excellence of healthy products, offered through high quality processes that satisfy our customers, strengthening the role of social development and sustainability with its suppliers, employees, society and the environment.


To be a Brazilian food industry nationally and internationally recognized by healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly segments.


Quality, employees and partners that help us to develop our mission and vision with Ethics, Reliability and Credibility.