Get your NatChup

28 de novembro de 2018

The pre-launch of Frutã's new product, NatChup, happened yesterday (27) at the Castelo Branco Auditorium. As of today, residents of Fortaleza-CE can now purchase the product through the web.

Soon Frutã will distribute the NatChup to other Brazilian states but until then, whoever is in Fortaleza, can already make the purchase through the website or the application of the Delivery Menu. The process is simple and it is divided in two steps: in the first one simply access the site, search for Natchup, add to the cart and then touch the "fechar perdido" (complete order) button. The next step is authentication, where you will need to make a registration and enter the delivery address. The process is the same through the application, just search in your applications store by Delivery Menu, do the installation and follow the same steps already cited.

Get yours.