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Certifications - Frutah

Frutah is aware that in all family houses that ensure there is well-being, it is essential that there is high quality food in their meals. It is seen in the proper production and transportation phases, so Frutã is proud for the getting the seals ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, that they certify the Food Safety and Quality.

ISO 9001

(Quality Management Quality) is a rule that allows the Brazilian companies to verify the consistency of their processes in first place, besides measuring, monitoring them aiming to rise their competitiveness and, with this, to ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

ISO 22000

(Food Safety Management) is an international rule that define the requirements of food safety management system. It includes all the organizations of the food chain, from the harvest phase to the Family table one.

Selos de Certificação
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USDA Organic


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