Pulp of Strawberry and Orange

Registered under MAPA CE: 000557-6.000029


About the fruit

These two fruits potentiate in taste and in the benefits they provide to the body. Both rich in vitamin C, they help in the healing of wounds and in the fight against colds and flu. The nutrients of these fruits still help maintaining youthful skin and hair.



Polpas integrais de morango e laranja.


200ml of water + 100g of Frutah pulp = 300ml Frutah juice

800ml of water + 400g of Frutah pulp = 1,2 litros of Frutah juice

Keep it in a freezer in a – 10° C/ 14° F or colder. Avoid refreezing it..

Nutritional Facts Label

Portion of 300ml (1 cup)

Amount per Serving%VD(*)
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet or 8400Kj. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. (*) Daily Value not Established.
Carbohydrates6,80 g2
Proteins0,90 g1
Total Fat0 g0
Satured Fat0 g0
Cholesterol0 g0
Dietary Fiber1,5 g6
Calcium0 mg0
Iron0 mg0
Sodium0 mg0
Vitamin C365 mg811

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